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Corporate Charter Schools
City of Tallahassee to form alliance with school board and county commission to fight corporate charter school industry attempts to drain resources from Leon County public schools (Schools without rules, Orlando Sentinel). Stakeholders would leverage communications/research/legislative/bully pulpit resources.

Candidates for city/County offices must disclose for-profit charter school industry political donations for previous eight (8) years.

TPD School Resource Officers

Permanently place Tallahassee Police Department officers as school resource officers in ALL public schools lying within Tallahassee city limits per request of Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna. It is never good when a youth’s first interaction with police is during an arrest.

Small budget impact - huge law enforcement impact.


Ethics and Reform  

Term Limits
Limit Tallahassee City Commissioners to two terms (8 years) w/o a break in service.

Single Member Districts

Create single member voting districts to drastically reduce the time and cost of city commission campaigns. Such a move will enable more people to participate.

Rotating Mayor

Return to the former rotating mayor format where each commission member fills the role for a period of one year. Mayor’s office budget will be drastically reduced, and the acting mayor will inherit one FTE to handle additional workload. Substantial cost savings.

Ethics Violation Standards
Commissioners/staff may accept no gifts, and no more than $50 per function (related to city business only) in food and beverage.

Ethics Code
Stop debating use of corrupt/criminal intent to violate city ethics code. Enact language requiring simple intent to violate city ethics code to trigger ethics board review.


Save Our Trees

Adopt Removal Ordinance
Removal of three or more trees requires notice to city urban forester and adjacent property owners to allow feedback; removal of five or more trees requires public hearing/advertisement.

  • Removal of trees with a diameter greater than 34 Inches requires city permit. Approval will require showing of reasonable safety concerns, lying within or close to construction project etc. as determined by the city urban forester.

Canopy Roads Preservation
Any plan to alter the present configuration/dimensions of canopy roads requires approval of 60% of registered Tallahassee voters at the next city election.


Law Enforcement

Decriminalize Personal Use Marijuana
Enact Police Department rule preventing the filing of misdemeanor or criminal charges for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

LGBTQ Human Rights Ordinance
Enact measure requiring the City of Tallahassee to follow Leon County in adoption of a human rights ordinance providing and protecting rights of the LGBTQ community. Capital city needs to lead.

Replacing Police Station
Has growth made one main police station unfeasible? Consider a police headquarters supplemented by substations to cover the North/East part of the city and the south side/universities. This could provide faster response times and less travel time going back and forth across the city to headquarters. 



Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT)
Miami is presently creating a $243 million system that will cover 20 miles and employ 14 domed roof stations with automatic gates blocking traffic from crossing intersections when express buses pass. Boarding happens at street level to aid people with wheelchairs/baby strollers.

Such a system could be created on Thomasville Rd., Monroe Street, and Mahan/Tennessee Street on existing medians. It would greatly alleviate traffic congestion and reduce air pollution. 

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Plastic bag ban
Join Coral Gables in their opposition to Florida laws disallowing plastic bag bans. Many coastal cities are resolving to support Coral Gables. Capital city needs to lead. (click here for letter sent to city commission on the subject)

Save Wakulla Springs
Form alliance with Leon and Wakulla Counties to ensure septic tank removal programs are operating at maximum efficiency with changeover to water treatment facilities.

Summertime Fertilizer Blackout
During summer months you cannot apply any fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorus to your lawn or landscape from June until October. In the spring you can apply fertilizer with 50% slow release nitrogen but not within 24 hours of major rain events. Applying nitrogen during the winter months is a waste. Volusia and Alachua counties are experiencing good results with similar programs.  Aimed at avoiding fish kills and algae blooms.

Establishment of a Tallahassee Land Bank
The Tallahassee Land Bank (TLB) would operate as a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the open spaces and natural resources within the City of Tallahassee. TLB would be supported by contributions from the community to include individuals, businesses and developers.

  • Lands protected by the TLB would be held in their natural state in perpetuity for the benefit of the community and future generations. Land located within Tallahassee would be acquired through purchase of developed or undeveloped land, outright gifts, bequests, “bargain sales” * and easements.

  • Similar program was established and Barnstable County, (Cape Cod) Mass. in the early 80s and has had excellent results.



Food Deserts
Complete feasibility study for transportation to supermarkets for those living in designated food deserts (Costs, anticipated usage, etc.). Pinellas County launched a similar program in recent years. That data would be useful in any feasibility study. The south side is one Piggly Wiggly away from becoming a total food desert.

Create a plan to provide fresh fruits/vegetables in neighborhood rec centers at supermarket prices. People can get fresh food when picking up children at city community centers. (click here for letter sent to city commission on the subject)


Economic Development

Talla-History Trail
Create Talla-History Trail which is modeled on Boston’s Freedom Trail, where a physical colored line is painted on the sidewalk. If followed, three intersecting loops of 1.6 to 2.6 miles each pass by dozens of city historic/cultural sites extending from the Grove through Frenchtown, downtown, Cascades Park, FAMU, FSU and the Gaines Street District. Simple painted lines to guide visitors/kids/students would also create interest/discussion. 

A brochure would be available with written information on each site, as well as a website/app. The trail would work with existing efforts by the Historic Capitol downtown app tour and the upcoming Frenchtown walking trail and kiosks. Effort to fill hotels and restaurants outside of Legislative Session, football games and graduations

Will greatly assist in preparations for Tallahassee’s Bicentennial in 2024. See possible maps for Talla-History Trail below.

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